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About company

About company

LLC Universal Mineral Water Bottling Plant "AQUA-VAIT"

Aqua-Vait is a leading Russian company selling water and soft drinks in the domestic market with a growing share of exports in its turnover.

Legal name: LLC Universal Mineral Water Bottling Plant "AQUA-VAIT"
Location: resort area of the all-Russian balneological health resort of the city of Essentuky.
Legal address: Novopyatigorskaya St., house 1, the city of Essentuky, the Stavropol territory.
Date of establishment: February 2004.
President of the Company: Valery Pavlovich Aytov
Director: Aleksey Sergeevich Voinov

Competitive advantages:

  • direct mineral water pipeline from the well to the plant;
  • favorable opinions of the European Certification audits and federal trading networks;
  • conformity of the production to the Russian GOST Standards and food safety international requirements (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points);
  • wide range of own brands;
  • possibility of contract bottling (co-packing services).

Plant capacity: 10 million bottles per month.


Provide the consumer with high-quality products and convenient service to take care of the health of our customers and to develop relations with partners.


  • Priority of high technological effectiveness and environmental performance at all production stages;
  • Thorough recruitment, training and care of personnel;
  • Focus on meeting the desires of consumers and anticipating their needs;
  • Development of long-term relations with partners;
  • Popularization of Russian natural water and soft drinks in the domestic and international markets;
  • Effective cost management and Company’s capitalization growth.


The production facility and plant equipment are unparalleled in the region. The bottling line is fitted out with modern equipment from leading manufacturers: SMI-group, Makro, Matrix, Atlanta. Mineral water purification system applies multilevel filtering process which includes sand and charcoal filters, as well as French filter system SIMO. The quality control is ensured by the certified research laboratory at the plant.


Russian Federation, 357600, Stavropol region, Essentuky, Novopyatigorskaya str. 1.


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